Minecraft Command Reference


/help – Grants access to the help menu

/back – Returns you to your last position after a teleport or a safe position after death 

/ clearinventory  – Clears own inventory 

/delhome – Removes a home  

/home – Teleports you home. 

/list – Lists the players online and how many slots left 

/msg <player> <message>  – Send a private message to another player  (Please note: this is logged for child protection purpouses)

/sethome – Set your home location

/spawn – Teleports you to your spawn 

/tpa <player to teleport TO>  – Ask the player if you can teleport to them 

/tpaccept – Accept a /tpa request 

/ tpdeny  – Deny a /tpa request 


/plot auto – Claim the nearest plot

/plot claim – Claim the current plot you’re standing on.

/plot merge < <arg> | <arg> > [removeroads] – Merge the plot you are standing on, with another plot

/plot remove <player|*> – Remove a player from a plot

/plot trust <player|*> – Allow a user to build in a plot while the plot owner is offline.

/plot visit [player|alias|world|id] [#] – Visit someones plot