Welcome to scoutwired.org, we are a fun Minecraft server network specifically for Scouts all over the world! We have custom plugins, a great community and exciting new game modes that are unique to us. We have a strong, dedicated, trained staff team who all Scout too! We are always looking to improve our server and welcome feedback from the people who matter, our players.So what are you waiting for? Jump on the server right now!! The Server address is : minecraft.scoutwired.org

We have done up a user guide to assist you with getting started on the ScoutWired. You can download it from the two links below.

SW-MC-UsersGuide-Ver-1-1 (PDF)

SW-MC-UsersGuide-Ver-1-1 (PowerPoint)

System Information:

We are currently using: PC edition- version 1.16.5

1. Launch Minecraft: Java Edition

2. Select 1.16.5

3. Hit PLAY to launch Minecraft

To connect to SW Minecraft follow these instructions:

  1. Load Minecraft from the launcher and click on MULTIPLAYER


3. Enter our connection details

4. Click DONE.

5. Click the PLAY button on the SW Icon in

6. Welcome to ScoutWired Minecraft!