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Article 3: ScoutWired Team: Questions About ‘Fortnite’

ScoutWired about ‘Fortnite’

Over the last couple of months discussion and media have been reporting on the rapidly increasing player base for the game ‘Fornite’. As a Scouting/Guiding platform for young people, discussion around this topic is common and most likely occurring at online as well as at group level. ScoutWired has some important tips for youth members along with adult members, and for parents as well in relation to how to deal with the challenges that can be associated with a child playing this game.

The most important note is for parents. There are so many news reports around the world right now about children being addicted to this game and the negative effects it is having on families and children’s behaviour...

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Article 2: Choosing Your Online Scouting Service Provider Wisely

In a rapidly expanding world of technology, digital social interactions, online gaming and communities, and an education system that is five or six steps behind the eight-ball waiting for crisis to occur before being able to action change, the world is rapidly getting closer and closer as information communication technology reduces geographical distances.

The Scouting and Guiding family has grown to around 38 million worldwide and they are all reaching out to each other. The sheer volume of participation in international Scouting events, attendants at national and international jamborees and events, and the now highly accessible social media streams are connecting Scouters and Guiders instantly.
Most adults and older teens are aware of the toxic nature of the internet, where the era of...

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Article 1: A Learning Journey Of Leadership

With over 8.7 billion internet connected devices, the internet is the biggest advancement humanity has ever seen, and with 38 Million Scouters and Guides around the world, being able to talk to someone on the other side of the world once would have taken weeks can now take a few milliseconds.  ScoutWired feels that the most natural way for young people to interact is to play together, this allows cross-cultural and international collaboration to build and shape the in-game world around them. We hope that by building ideas and connections in game this will help give young people the basic tools to shape the real world of the future. We recognise that one of the biggest and scariest moments in a Scouting/Guiding career is going on your first international camp...

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